Why Be Normal !

                       The older I get, the less appealing  “Normal”  has become to me. It’s not just the job I do or that I live in Portland, where the town moto is……..

stickersand for fans of Portlandia , those places really do exist, where in the spring one of the largest gatherings(8-10,000) of the World Naked Bike  ride through the streets of downtown Portland. For me it’s just “Why Be Normal”. For the millions of people that grew up in a  traditional home, where people seemed to be encouraged to “keep up with the Jones” and achieve society’s standards (WTF!) the house, the car, the job, the children and the perfect marriage ( gag!). None of these things mean shit!  if we can’t celebrate your uniqueness, rejoice in the fact that I’m not you and your not me.

                 Call me ODD, but I am fascinated in what makes other people tick, one might call me a coinsurer of odd, and in particular the kids that I work with and by the way some of them actually have twitches (ticks). Keep in mind most of them aren’t interested in what makes other people tick, (on par with most kids their ages). What they are is, smart, funny, compassionate and completely self absorbed and I love to find ways to connect with them, sometimes its a real challenge, but I never take it personally. Maybe their ignoring me, because they just don’t like me, but most likely its because, it takes a lot of energy for them to interact with people and before they put out the effort, they have to feel someones worth it.

                     So instead of thinking, someone’s weird, try not imposing your ideals on others and ( as long as their not harming anyone) be grateful for the worlds diversity! Anybody else feel that way?