Pinball Wizard

           One of the ironies of my profession (the short bus) is that some of the people that are the least tolerant of autistic  behaviors are, other people with autism!

       So picture this! A Priest, a Rabi and a Parrot walk into a bar……..  opps! how about this, a metal box with wheels and windows and a loud diesel engine, throw in (literally!) a half dozen or so kids with various degrees of disabilities, it’s the end of their day, they’re tired and overstimulated. So if you don’t visualize me being at the wheel of a rolling pinball machine, trying desperately to keep it from going TILT! I can’t help you!

school bus

          Now lets look at the heart of the matter. The basics of my job are…… to transport students to and from school in a safe and efficient manner . But as I see it I have a much greater obligation to these kids and their families, as one human being to another. They can’t help who they are and the very smallest amount of compassion and understanding go a long, long way. These kids aren’t looking for pity and sometimes I just have to laugh at the situation,( because quite frankly it can be pretty *#@!+*^# funny) and I’m not laughing at them EVER. Amazingly they join in and we have a great time.