“oh Bus Driver”

        Lets start this meeting with an introduction”Hello my name is Peggy and I’m a Bus Driver”. My friends tell I need a name tag that says Hello I’m Inappropriate, but you’ll find that out soon enough.

        Being asked “what do you do” has always been a cringe worthy moment for me. Not because I don’t like what I do, but because bus driver isn’t one of those illustrious titles that generates expressions of awe and wonder. The visual most people get is…..Honey BooBoo learns to drive.

        After nearly 30yrs behind the wheel, its time for me to say it Loud, say it Proud. “I am a Bus Driver!” I’m also so much more, but lets start with that.

        Ironically even within the bus driving communities there is a hierarchy, regular bus driver vs special needs drivers. Likewise when two lawyers meet the first question asked is “what kind of law do you practice” undoubtedly one walks away with their nose in the air.

        The kids I work with have a wide variety of physical and mental disabilities, others have behavioral or emotional issues. In addition I also transport teen moms and pre-school kids. Patience, compassion, flexibility and above all a GREAT sense of humor are what turns an average ride into a magic one.